What we do.

DMK is a technology platform that stores all forms of access to your digital legacy within our software that is linked to your insurance policy or banking account. After the death of the policy/account holder, their heirs will receive encrypted keys that will allow them to enter and manage that digital inheritance.

  • Seamless Integration – software installs into your DB and sites

  • Any number of devices – access via phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop

  • Single sign-on – can be available based on your bank or insurer

  • Access from anywhere – secure access through the Internet

  • Real-time backups – know your data is always stored securely


Our Digital Legacy Management software is designed to fit seamlessly into your Banking or Insurance data infrastructure. DMK is 100% scalable, has immediate availability and is now ready for implementation which will allow you to generate income progressively from day one.

Today, the Internet is part of our lives and saves our different accounts online. After a permanent disability or death, online accounts and data remain active, but in most cases it is almost impossible for loved ones and heirs to access them.

If the deceased was the only one who knew the online access passwords to their accounts, the situation becomes complicated and difficult to manage their digital assets “post mortem”. These are the main reasons it is urgent to protect them in life.

With DMK you could be at the forefront of the insurance or banking industries. Our software is unique in the world of Digital Legacy Management as the only software that guarantees easy management and transmission of digital legacies.