We are IT professionals from Chile, Spain, France, Brazil, and the United States. With a shared vision for a solution to the common problem of legacy management, BialeCorp pulled together a team of top notch software developers and IT professionals to create DMK.

DMK is a technology platform that stores all forms of access to your digital legacy within our software that is linked to your insurance policy or banking account. After the death of the policy/account holder, their heirs will receive encrypted keys that will allow them to enter and manage that digital inheritance.

Digital Legacy Management is a way to safeguard then pass along all your vital digital documents and passwords to your loved ones in the event of your passing.

Your data will be stored within your bank or insurer’s data network.

No hardware upgrades are necessary to implement our software. It was designed to be universally flexible to install into any modern Database and digital infrastructure.

Digital Legacy Management for Banks and Insurers.


Always There For You


Taking Care of Business


Full end to end encryption

AWS based technology

Built on our custom EDAXTM Framework, our software encrypts your personal data from end-to-end and stores it on AWS (Amazon Web Services). Also fully customizable to fit into your current banking/insurance infrastructure and database.

Available Uptime

Digital Master Key

Protecting family legacies