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The following are a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). If your question is not addressed below, please contact us via the form or other options above.

We are an international software development firm dedicated to creating cutting edge and secure Data management software in the form of Digital Legacy Management.

Please contact us to request a quote for your Bank or Insurance company. Our team will put together a competitive and cost effective quote to accommodate your company, no matter the size.

Your content is secure and encrypted from end to end with our software that was created with our proprietary EDAX framework.

We work with your technology department and Database admins to install our software into your current system.

Digital Legacy Management is a way to safeguard then pass along all your vital digital documents and passwords to your loved ones in the event of your passing.

Your data will be stored within your bank or insurer’s data network.

No hardware upgrades are necessary to implement our software. It was designed to be universally flexible to install into any modern Database and digital infrastructure.

System requirements are as follows:
Storage 80 GB
Cores Processor 4
Linux operating system
Exclusive Server Type
Internet access Yes